LigniOx technology based on alkali-O2 oxidation is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way to convert lignin into versatile dispersants.

  • LigniOx concrete plasticizers provide a wide range of application possibilities with high market volumes (over 10 MMT/a).
  • LigniOx lignin as a concrete plasticizer provides:
    • – Higher performance compared to lignosulfonate admixture.
    • – Comparable performance with synthetic superplasticizers at higher dosage.
  • Performance of LigniOx lignin has been shown also as gypsum plasticizer and dispersant of various inorganic pigments and fillers (e.g. for paints and coatings).
  • Safe and low-cost bulk chemicals (O2, NaOH) are used in the process, enabling integration into biorefineries.
  • LigniOx technology has been developed and patented by VTT:
    • FI20135986, US9676667 (granted)
    • WO2015/049424 (pending)
    • WO2017/077198 A1 (pending)
  • For further information see:
    Kalliola et al., Alkali-O2 oxidized lignin – A bio-based concrete plasticizer, Ind. Crops Prod 74 (2015), 150-157.