The primary objective of LigniOx

To demonstrate the alkali-Ooxidation as techno-economically feasible and readily commercialisable upgrading technology for lignin streams originating from variable raw materials and processes.

LigniOx will promote the overall objectives of biobased industries by :


  • Adding value to underexploited biomass side-stream lignins, improving the sustainability and cost-efficiency of traditional pulping industry, and creating prerequisites for cost-competitive bioethanol production.
  • Providing a versatile and flexible lignin upgrading technology that is applicable to a wide range of lignin side-streams originating from different European raw materials and processes, and also enabling lignin use in high-value products instead of energy production.
  • Introducing a conversion technology that can readily be integrated into lignocellulosic biorefineries, and/or operated as a stand-alone unit by chemical industry.
  • Creating sustainable and cost-competitive high-performance lignin dispersants for the chemical industry for wide range of applications, thus reducing the need of fossil-based raw materials and correspondingly increasing the share of biobased chemical products.
  • Reducing the green-house gas (GHG) emissions and waste streams by more sustainable processing of side-streams and partial replacement of the present fossil based materials.